The Sender Edition is a plug-in application that enables users to compose an email and send the work item to arbitrary recipients. JazzConnect-EMAIL Sender Working as an additional tab in the work item interface the user can enter the recipients, including CC and BCC lists and then email directly the work item information. This is beneficial for users that have an interest in the work item, perhaps need to provide feedback, but are not connected to the project or have access to Rational Team Concert directly. The plugin works with the Rational Team Concert internal mail system. Ordinarily, email notifications within Rational Team Concert are only sent to licensed users. JazzConnect-EMAIL Sender enhances the mail system by allowing emails to be sent to external recipients.


Receive emails from third parties who don’t have access to Rational Team Concert

Emails from suppliers, co-workers, contractors etc can now be managed within Rational Team Concert.  

JazzConnect-Email Reader will parse the email and manage it as a work item within Rational Team Concert Users of Rational Team Concert can now send emails from within RTC with JazzConnect-Email Sender.  

It may be that the recipient of your email doesn’t have access to a Rational Team Concert licence; however with JazzConnect-Email Sender emails can now be sent direct from the Jazz environment to third parties – suppliers, co-workers, contractors etc


Send email with Work Item information to email addresses outside of the Jazz environment.

Control who can invoke the operation through project roles and policies

A comment is created reflecting the event of sending email

Users of Rational Team Concert now have the capability to extend the use of the products by being able to send instant email to external parties. Other competitive solutions have plugins to support this functionality already available. JazzConnect-EMAIL (Sender) provides comparable functionality.